Thursday, February 12, 2009

Make claim...

I have conducted extensive research on dog breeding and the world of show dogs. After that research, I have decided that legislation should be enacted to govern dog breeding.

The most predominant issue is pet overpopulation. The AKC doesn't really recognize that it even exists. Conversely, PETA believes that virtually no one should breed, unless a specific license is obtained. Clearly, a middle ground should be reached.

Few laws currently exist surrounding breeding. Basically anyone can breed as dogs wherever and whenever they choose. This lack of governance has resulted in millions of dogs euthanized yearly in shelters. Also, puppy mills are rampant throughout the U.S. They provide almost all of the dogs that are sold in pet stores.

Honestly I think that people just don't do the adequate research prior to purchasing a dog. Every breed is different and not all of them will work for everyone. Ample research is required before buying a dog. Also, dogs should be purchased from reputable sources. Yes, the AKC has members that are often "good" breeders, but they are harder to find and often more expensive.

The only viable way to ensure the safety of animals is through legislation. Money should be put behind laws, then it should be used to govern them.

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